In the bid to curtail the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus within Ekiti/Irepodun/Isin/Oke-Ero Federal Constituency, Rep Raheem Olawuyi, on Friday embark on health sensitisation and distribution of sanitizers across the four councils of the constituency.

Hon. Lanre Agas, Olawuyi’s Senior Legislative Aide, while taking delivery of the sanitizers at the constituency office in Omu-Aran, on Wednesday, said the gesture was meant to promote personal hygiene to ward-off unwarranted infections among the constituents.

According to Agas, items to be distributed on Friday include Hand liquid wash, Hand Sanitisers, Face masks and gloves.

He said the gesture was also part of the constituency efforts aimed at complementing the various measures already put in place by the government in curbing the spread of the dreaded Corona virus.

According to him, prevention is better than cure, “We should try as much as possible, as individual and group, to maintain and sustain the no case of Covid-19 detection in the constituency and the state at large.

“We all know the various measures already put in place by the government and presently no case of the virus has been reported in any part of the state.

“We felt as the eye of the constituents, we should not just fold our hands but take proactive measures in ensuring that our people maintains and remains in the best state of personal hygiene to prevent unwarranted infections.

“Regular washing of hands with soap and water and preferably with application of sanitizers have been recommended to be part of the measures in ensuring personal hygiene against infections and diseases.

“More importantly, Rep Raheem Olawuyi as the Chairman of the House Committee on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, with his immense passion for the overall safety of his people, is also duty bound to ensure their well-being, especially at this critical period of our nation.

“That is what informed the health sensitisation and the distribution of sanitizers as well as other materials to curb unwarranted infections among the people of the constituency” Agas said.

Hon. Agas also used the opportunity to appeal to the people of the constituency to cooperate with the authority and ensure full compliance with the various measures designed to rid the state out of Covid-19 outbreak.

“We want to appeal to our people to take their personal hygiene with all seriousness, we should not be involved in overcrowded gathering and more importantly we should stay in our houses as directed as a precautionary measure,” he said.

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